Mimbres Miniatures by The Silver Mesa

This collection features 12 classic Mimbres designs from prehistoric pottery discovered in southwestern New Mexico. It includes a wide range of jewelry and accessories, including earrings, pendants, pins, link bracelets, link belts, bola ties, cufflinks, tie tacks and more.

Over 7000 Mimbres bowls are now in museums and private collections. We selected a few of our favorites as models for our Mimbres Miniatures. For example, our Mimbres Miniature Turtle is based on a design painted freehand on the inside of a bowl, some 1000 years ago, with brushes made from the leaves of yucca plants. The bowl is now in the University of Arkansas Museum in Fayetteville, Arkansas. It measures 12 inches in diameter and was painted in a style archaeologists call Classic Black-on-White.

Mimbres items ship with story cards that provide a brief history of the Mimbres people and their pottery.

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Design Stamp Line by The Silver Mesa

Years of experience are necessary to achieve the quality of stamping in The Silver Mesa's line of design stamp jewelry and accessories. Each unique pattern is made by creatively combining various small "design stamps".

The stamps are used to apply the individual design elements to a flat sheet of silver in the traditional way - one at a time, with a hammer guided by an experienced eye and a steady hand. Since 1990, the "steady hand" has been that of master silversmith, Daniel Tapija, Jr., Yavapai Prescott Tribe.

This collection includes bracelets, earrings, barrettes and money clips. Items ship with cards that say "Genuine Indian Handmade From Sterling Silver".

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Navajo Concha Line by The Silver Mesa

Traditional concha styles, inspired by primitive Navajo silverwork, feature our refined center embossments, repousse and small design stamps.

To begin, a center embossment is applied to a flat piece of silver. The rest of the design is made with several small stamps. Seated at his anvil, our silversmith positions a stamp on the silver, strikes it with a hammer, and moves to the next point. He repeats this process many times with various stamps to complete a design.

The Navajo Concha line includes earrings, pendants, pins, link bracelets, link belts, buckles, cufflinks, tie tacks and key rings. Items ship with cards that say "Genuine Indian Handmade From Sterling Silver".

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Rock Art Replicas by The Silver Mesa

Our sterling silver Rock Art jewelry reflects art left on rugged walls of canyons and river gorges by prehistoric peoples of the southwestern United States. The collection includes representations from cultures of Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and Utah.

The ancient images offer treasured clues to a way of life pursued by those who occupied the land in centuries long past. We've attempted to retain accuracy and authenticity in this collection. Each Replica combines one or more panels from a specific geographical area, emphasizing subject matter and design elements inherent to that particular culture.

This line offers earrings, pendants, necklaces, link bracelets, stick pins, bola ties, cufflinks, tie tacks and key rings. Items ship with story cards that provide information on each design.

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Native Marketplace by various Tribal Artists

The Native American Marketplace is an ever changing selection of jewelry and accessories. Works of numerous southwestern silversmiths and craftspeople are available. Artists' names and tribal affiliations are listed when known.

Unlike the pieces we produce in our shop, which are generally available in stock, this collection is a native marketplace in the truest sense. The items pictured are on a "first come-first served" basis and we make regular buying trips to restock.

Take a quick look through this native market. We think you'll find a delightful, ever-changing selection of goods.

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